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The German Alphabet is a vital part of the language, which is spoken by more than 130 million people in 38 countries of the world, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Belgium, and 33 other countries. The alphabet consists of the same 26 letters as English alphabet, plus some extra ones. German pronunciation of letters is in many places the same as English, as well as how to write them, however there are some unique letters and different ways of pronouncing some other letters.



German Alphabet

Aa as in the word “ask” and never as in the word “able”

Bb same as in English

Cc usually in “sch” “ch” or “ck” rarely out of these letters.

Dd same as in English

Ee as in “elevated”

Ff same as in English

Gg like in the word "God", never pronounced as in the word “gym”.

Hh same as in English.

Ii as in the word “ink” never as in the word “island”

Jj similar to the letter “y” in “yacht”

Kk same as in English

Ll same as in English

Mm same as in English

Nn same as in English, most of the German letters are just like English.

Oo same as in English “Old” never as in “Hot” which is pronounced somehow like {hat}

Pp same as in English

Qq same as in English but rare.

Rr same as in English but slightly like as in “gh” as in the French “Merci”

Ss sounds like “z”.

Tt same as in English but not as sharp. 

Uu sounds like “oo” or “uu”, never as in the word “up” or “university” 

Vv sounds like “f”

Ww sounds like “v”

Xx same as in English although rare.

Yy same as in English although rare.

Zz sounds like “ts”



Additional German letters:

Ä /ä, Ö/ ö, Ü / ü. ß (called scharfes s)

Ä /ä sounds more like “e”

Ö/ ö sounds more like “oe”

Ü / ü sounds more like “ue”

ß sounds like “ss”


Compound letters:

Sch: sounds like “sh”

Ch: sounds sometimes like “sh” or like “kh”.

St: sounds like “sht” at the beginning, and like “st” at the end of a word.


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