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In general, Germany is a pretty safe country. The crime rate is low compared to the United States, but of course it is not completely crime free. We hope you will never have to use any of this information, but it is best to be prepared.

If you lose a child  or someone else in a mall, you don't need to contact the police immediately. You can go to the information desk and ask them to make an announcement by saying: “Ich habe meinen Sohn verloren. Bitte rufen Sie [Name of the child] aus.

Another example sentence:

“Mein Sohn ist 12 Jahre alt. Er trägt eine graue Jacke.” - My son is 12 years old. He wears a grey jacket.

If you get robbed, you should call the police. The number is always 110. Knowing the following sentences could be very helpful in such an event.

“Hilfe! Haltet den Dieb!” - Help! Stop the thief!

“Rufen Sie die Polizei.” - Call the police.

“Wo ist die amerikanische Botschaft?” - Where is the American embassy?

“Ich würde gerne den Diebstahl/Verlust ...” - I’d like to report the theft/loss …

“meiner Papiere/meines Passes melden.” - … of (my) papers/(my) passport.

“meiner Kreditkarte melden.” - … of (my) credit card.

“meines Flugtickets melden.” - … of (my) plane ticket.

“meines Gepäcks melden.” - … of my luggage.

“meines Geldbeutels/meiner Tasche melden.” - … of (my) wallet/(my) bag.

“Ich wurde ausgeraubt.” - I've been mugged.

“Mein Auto wurde gestohlen! Es parkte in ...” - My car has been stolen. It was parked in …

“Hatten Sie irgendwelches Geld/Juwelen/Wertsachen bei sich?” - Did you have any money/jewels/valuables on you?

“Gibt es Zeugen?” - Are there any witnesses?

„Bitte beschreiben Sie den gestohlenen Gegenstand.“ - Please describe the stolen/lost object.

“Wo fand der Diebstahl statt?” - Where did the theft take place?

“Können Sie den Dieb beschreiben/wiedererkennen?” - Would you be able to describe/recognize the thief?

“Wollen Sie eine Aussage machen?” - Do you want to make a statement?

If you have been harassed or assaulted, call the police immediately! The following sentences could be helpful in such a situation.

“Lass mich in Ruhe!” - Leave me alone.

“Geh weg oder ich rufe die Polizei!” - Go away, or I'll call the police!

“Hilfe! Ein Mann verfolgt mich.” - Help! A man is following me.

“Hören Sie auf mich zu verfolgen oder ich rufe die Polizei.” - Stop following me or I'll call the police.

“Hilfe! Ein Mann belästigt mich.” - Help! There’s a man bothering me!

“Ich möchte einen Überfall melden.” - I’d like to report a case of assault.

“Ich möchte einen Vergewaltigungsversuch melden.” - I’d like to report a case of attempted rape.

“Wo ist es passiert?” - Where did it happen?

“Wieviele waren es?” - How many of them were there?

“Wären Sie in der Lage ihn/sie wieder zu erkennen?” - Would you be able to recognize him/them?

“Gab es irgendwelche Zeugen?” - Were there any witnesses?



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